About Us

Do More Magazine embraces the digital era. It is a publication which exists to provide inspiration for your free time. Dynamic, interactive and immediately available, Do More provides you with extensive what's on information and event listings across Dorset, celebrity interviews, reviews and local news.

Do More is available across the web and all major mobile devices, supported by an informative and easy to navigate website. Setting a new standard in regional media, Do More is easy to download and navigate - and completely free!

We are a dedicated team who are proud of the local area. We aim to inspire our readers to get out and 'do more.' Our publication encourages you to take action quickly, from putting the event in your calendar, to inviting friends and family, to booking tickets immediately and making reservations.

Do More Magazine is suitable for one and all; from students and young professionals to families and holiday-makers. With everything from theatre, sports, family, music, eating out, nightlife, arts and health and beauty, Do More provides information for everyone, whatever you enjoy.

Alice Rook

Alice is a beach-loving, vegetarian, music fanatic. You will often find her covered in glitter dancing at a Festival or painting her nails and reading a magazine. She loves writing, Tweeting and drinking tea. 

Sales Manager
Tanya March

Tanya is an arts lover, illustrator and cartoonist. She likes looking up.

Music Writer
Jane Baker

Jane is a Magazine Journalism graduate; loves music, travelling and enjoys nothing more than lounging on the beach in the sunshine. 

Sports Writer
Christian Bird

Christian is currently studying Sports Journalism in Bournemouth. He spends a lot of his time at the gym and also enjoys taking a trip to the greyhounds at Poole Stadium.

Film Writer
Drew Bridger

Drew is a Screenwriting and Journalism graduate and loves everything about film, particularly graphic novels.You will often find him at the cinema.

Theatre Writer
Becky Bye

Becky is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves to write fiction and turn fairy tales into front headlines on her blog. She is a very bad guitar player who drinks far too much coffee.

Nightlife Writer
Charlie Davis

Charlie is a definite sun worshipper, film buff and music lover. She has an English degree and Magazine Journalism Diploma.

Fashion Writer
Kate Farley

Kate is a Fashion graduate and loves everything glamorous, with a rock edge. Her favourite item is a lush, over the top statement jacket.

Motoring Writer
David Jones

David specialises in international PR and marketing for the automotive, motorsport and training industries. He is particularly interested in sports cars.

Charity Writer
Dan Large

Dan is currently masquerading as a Multi-Media Journalism student. He has worked as a Camp Counsellor in America at Minnesota's Camp Lincoln. His loves include reggae, books, tea, football and travelling.

Comedy Writer
Chantelle McInnes

Chantelle loves cooking, comedy... and dancing like it's 1999!

Beauty Writer
Jodie Simpson

Jodie loves all things beauty and fashion. She is particularly interested in nail art and loves nothing more than dying her hair bright pink!